Graduate Students

Training is an important mandate of the Centre.  Dr. Krewski supervises a number of graduate students at the Masters and Doctoral levels.


Jessica Evans
M.Sc. in Epidemiology, University of Ottawa
Jessica Evans is currently pursuing a master's degree in Epidemiology under the supervision of Dr. Krewski.  She graduated from Queen's University with a degree in Environmental Life Science (B.Sc.H) and has work experience in both clinical research and environmental consulting settings.  Her primary research interests relate to environmental health and policy, toxicology, and cancer epidemiology.

Lan Zhuo  


Melissa Davidson
Ph.D. in Population Health, University of Ottawa
Melissa Davidson previously graduated from the University of Ottawa and has a background in Biology (B.Sc. Honours) where she specialized in Chemical and Environmental Toxicology (M.Sc.). In addition to completing her Ph.D. in Population Health, she is currently working as a research assistant at the McLaughlin Centre on several projects relating to drug safety. Her main research focus is on drug safety, specifically post-market surveillance and the communication of drug-related risks. Melissa’s research is supported with an Ontario Graduate Scholarship doctoral award.

Chris Gravel
M.Sc in Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton University
Chris Gravel is a student at Carleton University doing a M.Sc. in Probability and Statistics.  His background is in Psychology (BA Psychology) and Statistics (B.Math Statistics), with both degrees obtained at Carleton University.  He is currently working with Dr. Daniel Krewski and Dr. Patrick Farrell on data mining methods as they relate to pharmacovigilance and large databases.  His interests include statistical methods for investigating health related studies as well as data reduction methodologies and stochastic modeling.

Sophie Hamel

Michelle Turner
Ph.D. in Population Health, University of Ottawa
Michelle Turner is a Ph.D. student in Population Health at the University of Ottawa.  She was formerly an epidemiologist and research coordinator at the McLaughlin Centre. Her research focus is on environmental epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, as well as risk perception.  Michelle’s research is supported with a doctoral award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and financial support from the Centre.

Graduate Student

Jessica Dennis
M.Sc. in Epidemiology, University of Ottawa
Jessica Dennis graduated from the University of Guelph in 2006 with a B.Sc (Honours) degree in Biological Science.  She currently holds a CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master’s Award to conduct population health research.  She is working towards a M.Sc. in Epidemiology under the supervision of Dr. Krewski.  Research interests include genetic susceptibility to disease and gene-environment interactions, especially as they relate to cancer.