PhD in Population Health

The University of Ottawa's faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine, in collaboration with the faculties of Social Sciences, Law (Common Law Section) and the Telfer School of Management, offer a transdisciplinary doctoral program in population health, under the auspices of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.  The program is modeled around a framework which encompasses population health issues, determinants and causes of illness, design of multi-component interventions, health care delivery systems, and health policy. Unique in Canada, the program draws on a wide range of disciplines, both basic and applied. It brings together the insights of social, biological, clinical, organizational, and political sciences; and the strengths of quantitative and qualitative methods. Its transdisciplinary approach recognizes the inherent complexity of many health problems and seeks to assemble and mobilize all pertinent scientific and scholarly disciplines.

For additional information, please visit: the PhD in Population Health homepage.