Vision, Mission and Objectives


The mission of the McLaughlin Centre is to build an academic program of excellence in research and training in population health risk studies, and to play a leadership role in developing effective population health risk management strategies and policies in Canada and abroad. Working with its partners, the ultimate goal of the Centre is to contribute to the enhancement of the health status of the Canadian population through effective risk management decision making.

To excel in research and training and produce original studies focused on developing, understanding and measuring the determinants of health and well being in order to enhance the health of Canadians through effective risk management decision making.


  1. To build and strengthen the scientific foundation for population health risk assessment, using health risk science to elucidate the genetic and biological, environmental and occupational, and social and behavioural determinants of population health risk;
  2. To establish a foundation for evidence-based health risk policy analysis in Canada;
  3. To offer world-class transdisciplinary training programs in population health risk
  4. To inform population health risk management decision making in Canada and abroad.

Academic leadership for the Centre is embodied by the Chair in Population Health Risk Assessment, who also serves as the Scientific Director of the Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment. The Centre is guided by an Advisory Board composed of internationally recognized authorities who represent the interests of government, industry, health professionals, and the public.  

In delivering its program in health risk science, the Centre draws on existing population health expertise within the University of Ottawa within the faculties of medicine, health sciences, science, social sciences, administration, and law. The Centre will also engage a number of adjunct members from other institutions in Canada and abroad who will collaborate on major population health risk studies.